Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Filigree Tools and Chain Maker tools for the Designer in you

Hello Jewelry designers.   I have 2 new tools that have made my life easier as a jewelry designer, hopefully they will make your life easier too.

The first is a  Twisted Link Chain Jig that will make a chain that is almost unbreakable. The length of the link will depend on the size of your jump ring.  The overall size of the chain, and chain links are almost limitless.

Here is a link to a YouTube demo for you to learn more about the  Twisted Link Chain Jig
                                                             (click on link for demo)

This tool also has a step by step instructional DVD .

Visit   DeeCees Wire Wonders for price 
and purchasing information.

The second tool is for those of you who love to make your own Filigree designs.  This Filigree tool will help you make several different motifs  for the inside of your filigree frames or beautiful jewelry without frames.  When needing the motif the same size, this tool will assist you in making them with ease. 

These are a few of the designs I have made with this tool.
This set was made with .999 fine silver and crystal beads using the Navette motif  without a frame.                (Click on link for demo.)

The next is a pendant made using .999 fine silver and the Teardrop Motif  
                                (click on link for demo). 
 A navette was used for the bail on this necklace, and the chain was made with the Twisted Link Chain Jig  shown above.

The Filigree Filler Wire Jig can be purchased from DeeCees Wire Wonders
This tool is available in both 13 pin and 17 pin and includes an instructional DVD.

Until next time, God Bless.

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